Multi Tec Filters Inc. founded in 1974 manufactures and distributes a complete line of breather filters, air filters, replacement elements, heavy duty panel filters, liquid filters and air-oil separators..

Since 1974 we have supplied original equipment manufacturers of Air Compressors, blowers, vacuum pumps, off road equipment, construction equipment, farm machinery and component manufaacturers for these industries with breathers, air filters and filter elements for their various applications.

Over the years some of the original equipment manufacturers we have provided breathers, filters, and filter elements include:

Trucks: Challenge-Cook, International—Harvester, Mack Truck, Volvo-White.

Farm Equipment: International Harvester, John Deere.

Off-Road Equipment: Fiat-Allis, Galion Iron, International Hough Div., Payhauler Corp. Wabco.

Compressor And Blowers: Bauer Compressor, C-Air Compressor, Davey Compressor, Dresser Industries, Ingersoll-Rand, Johnson Controls, Roots Blower, T.I. Pneumotive

Component Manufacturers: Allison Div. GMC, B.F. Goodrich, Bendix, Eaton Corp. Homelite, Midland Brake, Schwitzer Corp.

These filters are produced to rigid O.E. Specifications. We produce these filters under our label and also private label for various original equipment producers.

We also produce lines that are interchangeable with Air Maze and Airsan small filters and breathers and most Solberg replacement elements.

Multi Tec-Filters located in Cleveland Ohio is a manufacturer of quality industrial breathers, small air filters and filter elements for air and gas applications.

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